What´s New
in Suite 9.0?


What's New in eCognition 9.0?

Pioneered a decade ago for satellite remote sensing, eCognition enables geospatial data such as images, point clouds and Geographic Information System (GIS) vectors to be integrated and analyzed to quantify features or  detect changes over time.

eCognition 9 simplifies and reduces the time  taken to classify objects in imagery data sets using the new template matching function. Object templates can now be quickly and easily  defined, providing the software with an object library that is used to automatically identify corresponding objects in new imagery data sets.


Native Vector Handling

The new release introduces Native Vector Handling for more efficient GIS data management inside eCognition. This includes common GIS functions to visualize, inspect, create, manipulate, update and export vector data. Furthermore, GIS layers and image objects can be synchronized dynamically. The new spatial and contextual GIS data modeling capabilities can be performed inside eCognition, without the requirement for a link or bridge to GIS. This improved integration of GIS techniques into remote sensing workflows is further bridging the gap between the two domains.

Template Matching

eCognition version 9 extends the existing knowledge-based and supervised classification methods with computer vision based object detection. The new Template Editor Window allows users to easily collect samples to define the search template that is applied over the imagery data. Additionally, a template matching algorithm is available to create a correlation coefficient layer used to detect objects.


JPEG2000 Support

eCognition 9 allows loading of compressed JPEG2000 image data with geocoding and resolution information. This allows faster turnaround times for projects using the latest set of earth observation sensors like Pleiades satellites.


Trusted Storage

The license handling based on license files is replaced in eCognition 9 with Trusted Storage. This provides a secure environment for online license management. Users can easily activate and re-host eCognition licenses online which reduces bottlenecks due to necessary communication loops with the license vendor.